General ACMV System

  • Design, Supply and Installation of Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System for Commercial & Industrial Buildings.


Microelectronic Cleanroom

  • Design, Supply, Install, Built and Maintain Electronic Cleanroom System (Class 1, 10, 100, 1K, 10K and 100K) with reference to Federal Standard 209E (1992) and ISO14644-1(1999). Certification of cleanroom in accordance to NEBB (IEST procedures) and ISO14644-2.


Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

  • Design, Supply, Install, Built and Maintain Pharmaceutical Cleanroom System (Class1K, 10K and 100K) with reference to GMP and FDA compliance including preparation of validation protocol (VMP).


Turnkey Construction

  • Turn Key Project for Cleanroom/ MEP works compliance to IEST Recommendation Practices, ISO14644, GMP, FDA, SMACNA, ASHRAE, IEE, LPC, Australian Standard, FM or NFPA fire life safety code.

Process Utility System

  • Design, Supply & Installation of Industrial Process Utility System such as :
    1. Compressed Dry Air.
    2. Nitrogen.
    3. Process Vacuum.
    4. House Vacuum.
    5. Process Exhaust.
    6. Process Cooling.
    7. Solvent & Scrubber System.


Hook Up Works

  • Production Equipment/ Tools Hook Up works.

Control System

  • Design, Supply and Installation of Building Automation System (FMCS or BMS) & DDC/ PLC Control System.


Electrical System

  • Supply & Install HT Switch Gear, HT Cabling Works, Transformer & LV System such as cabling works & distribution boards.


Service & Maintenance

  • Service & Maintenance as below :-
    • Carry our routine service & maintenance.
    • Carry out predicted & preventive maintenance.
    • Carry out repairing works for MEP works.
  • Construction of Residential,Commercial & Industrial Buildings.
  • Construction of Infrastructure :
    • Road & Drainage works.
    • Sewerage Works.
    • Water Reticulation Works
    • Earth Works
  • Turn Key Project for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings.
  • Project Management Service for CSA and MEP Works.
    • Design Stage
      • To assist client in design , authorities approval ,local code compliance and value engineering.
    • Implementation
      • To assist client in selection of contractor, project supervision and co-ordination, quality control, safety and finally deliver the project to client with the authorities approval.
  • Renovation and Retrofit works.